So I arrive in this very big city (that actually looks like the Desert version of NYC) and what I like in the first place is all the skyscrapers, they’re so geometrical and this special design looks so aesthetic on picture. It’s around 1pm and 24 degrees. I always liked Oriental designs, places, and people, first of all I guess because of my roots but also because it’s objectively delicate and fine. Like a tiny but very detailed jewel.



We walked a lot in the city, and then went to our first visit. We went to the ‘Biggest Aquarium In the World’…. wait what? That was such a lie! A tourist trap!
The full aquarium tour lasts…10 mins? and it’s 20-25 mins away from the city center 😩

Anyway, I did good pics, I saw jellyfishes, cool colors, cool moods…did worth it at the end. I always liked aquariums (did a lot in Thailand) because of the colors, the lightings, the overall settings inside. Am I the only one who observe people more than fishes? It makes such good pics when you’re focusing on people themselves focusing on something else. I’ve always been passionate about taking people from the back (no joke intended.)



My favorite part is definitely the jellyfish part. They are so calm, seem so light, so out of this world! I think they were made to relax humans… (and I’m freaking serious about it).



Out of the Aquarium, it’s like 6pm. On our way home we were lucky enough to get this amazing sunset. So windy though!






Between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we used a cruise ship to tan but mainly to change location.Thus I had a bit of time to shot some selfies with outfits I had on board. The ship which was very 90s. I felt like being on the Titanic (where were you, Leo?).






After the breakfast, we went in some of the huge malls the city have to run some errands.



As we did not have a lot of time, it was quite conventional to go see the largest Mosquee in the United Arab Emirates. Constructed from 1996 to 2007, the complex measures approximately 290 m (960 ft) by 420 m (1,380 ft), covering an area of more than 12 hectares (30 acres), exclusive of exterior landscaping and vehicle parking.

During Eid it may be visited by more than 41,000 people.

After several check-ups, we enter into the Cheikh Zayed Mosquee جامع الشيخ زايد الكبير‎‎ . My God.
That was the most beautiful, pure, giant, dreamy, elegant thing I’ve never ever seen in my entire life. Seems like I won’t find enough valuable words for this and pictures speak louder than words anyways.



I felt so blessed I got tiny rainbows right on me! 🙏


Photos are property of ©RiscoRunner. (shot with an iPhone 6)



Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the trip/city!

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